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Copy Editing Service (Language-Hindi)

Also known as content editing process which ensures content is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, jargon, punctuation, terminology, semantics and formatting to improve readability and fitness for its purpose.

Steps involved in Copy Editing Services

  • Specific current topics on which news is available from events, but various aspects related to any event news in many forms, many angles do the work of analyzing and understanding the articles related to them. The above facts also apply to the published material along with articles, discussions, interviews, analytical comments etc.
  • The beginning of any article etc. should be so attractive that the reader will be interested in reading it and he should read it thoroughly. For this the content intro should look very interesting and important. If the writer has not written the intro like that then the copy editor has to rewrite it.
  • While editing a copy of any of the articles, interviews, discussions etc., one has to keep in mind that the article or other publication is fulfilling its purpose or not. Fact checking is important to determine whether they are correct or not.
  • Language has to take care in terms of its appearance and readership. There should be simple, understandable language for the general newspaper or magazine reader.
  • One has to look at  line configuration, grammar, primal linguistic purities too.
  • After reading the entire article, how much and how it is affecting the reader and whether it is having full effect or not is also taken care of.
  • Finally the summary should also be written in effective language. If there is some deficiency in the writing of the writer, then the copy editor has to write himself.

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