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Proof Reading Service (Language-Hindi)

News, articles, feature reports, or other written material from publication or broadcast are often required to be re-read and amended or corrected. A lot of preparation related to this subject has to be done in advance even before the live telecast.

Steps involved in Proof Reading Services

  • Proofreading of written material is done before going into publication. Language improvement is the primary task in this.
  • It is necessary to use appropriate words to explain the meaning of words, to remove the impurities of quantity etc. It is also necessary to see that which is the reader or audience or of the concerned matter? Language style is selected accordingly. Should be a simple and easy to understand language for the common reader. Along with the writer, the proof reader also has to keep this in mind.
  • Often, hasty mistakes or mistakes in typing, etc., also make mistakes in facts, tables, photos and their captions, sketches or tables, graphs. Along with the language, it is the job of a proofreader to crosscheck them.
  • In total, proofreading is often repeated only after that written material goes for publication or broadcast.

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