• Matter selection on the basis of current affairs for printing
  • Checking facts of the same
  • Correcting language as per print media guidelines
  • Selection of pictures to publish with the article
  •  Matter typing & Proof Reading
  • Selection of an area where the article has to be places on a page

News Reporting

  • To gather, processes, and produces news in a one-way daily delivery. 
  • Frequency of delivering newspaper / produced once a day and a magazine is produced / delivered once a week
  • Geographical selection to cover a particular region
  • Reports to be edited on the basis of space provided
  • Choose headlines to create interest in content
Pages Handling
interview based articles


Interviewed many military officials awarded with Paramveer Chakra, Mahavir Chakra and published series in newspaper. Also interviewed personalities from multiple fields like Art & Culture, Doctors and Industrialists.

Newspaper Magazine-Customisation & Editing

The magazine part of the country’s leading Hindi newspaper Rajasthan Patrika has also been very strong and influential. In the ‘Ravivariya Parishishtha‘ ‘Parivar Parishishtha‘ ‘Education and Culture‘ etc. and Rajasthan Patrika publishing group, along with the weekly tabloid Itwari Patrika’s pages for about 16 years continuously edited successfully.

Also served the entire editorial responsibility while working as incharge for 4 years in Itwari Patrika. After this, for nearly 16 years, there was work in the publication of Rajasthan Patrika Varshiki to help the youth in preparing for the publication of books and competition examinations. Therefore, keeping in view the time requirements of educational, social, family, literary, cultural, political, sports, agriculture, health, entertainment, arts etc., magazines related to subjects have been characterized by skillful complete editing work, which will continue in future also.

Ravivariya Parishishtha

  • Education & Culture
  • Current Affairs
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Music
  • Bollywood
  • Art & Culture
  • Tourism

Parivar Parishishtha

  • Relationships
  • Home Care
  • Child Care
  • Women’s Mental & Physical Health
  • Old Age Care


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